TX State License # 1544
Alcohol Education Program for Minors
Also known as: Minor in Possession Class
6 hr Class

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This standardized program is six hours in length and is designed to help participants increase their knowledge about alcohol and drugs among young people.

The curriculum contains information on the following topics: societal values related to alcohol consumption by minors, the influence of alcohol advertising on young people, the physical, social and psychological effects of alcohol upon young people; the relationship between motor vehicle and other accidents and alcohol use; relevant laws relating to the purchase, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors, drinking patterns and problems of young people including abuse and addiction and decision making skills.

This Class costs $100
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Upcoming Classes

Denton & The Colony

Class held on Tuesday & Thursday

3hrs each day


Starting at 6pm

COVID-19 Update: 

This class can be conducted using a VIRTUAL Classroom. This is Not the same as an online class. The virtual class will have to be attended in person for the same amount of time as a physical class room. You can use your cell phone or computer to attend each class.

May 26 & 28

June 23 & 25

July 21 & 23 

 August 25 & 27

September 22 & 24

October 20 & 22

November 17 & 19

December 15 & 17 

Additional class dates can be added if minimum addendees are met.  Just call and ask.

If you are unable make the entire payment, you can pay $20 to reserve yourspot. The downpayment is nonrefundable and you will need to text 469-986-9629 to make arrangements for additional payments.

Click on the link below to pay the downpayment.

Participants will not receive their certificate of completion until the entire payment is made in full.

Office: (469) 986-9629

Fax:     (469) 453-3193

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